About Us


Movies are our passion and inspiration. Every one of our pieces has a story to tell. They are as significant as the cinematic moments that defined them...

Located in Cambridge, United Kingdom, Kudos Memorabilia is a seller and curator of fine art photography and prestigious collectibles from the worlds of film, music, sport and popular culture. We are devoted to rare and authentic pieces and strive to acquire iconic works that will timelessly hold a place in history.

Kudos Memorabilia collections feature highly sought-after collectibles that are rare and difficult to source. From Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee, Lord of the Rings and Muhammad Ali to James Bond, we are proud to offer a variety of highly desirable fine photographic art, including vintage photographs and limited editions, and high-end memorabilia from our prestigious private portfolio.

Our unique collection offers a tantalising proposition to interior design teams working with discerning residential and commercial clients, who desire bespoke articles to embellish, or act as a focal point for, design paradigms that celebrate cinema, sport, music or classic photography.

We exclusively acquire works and collectibles from only the most reliable and respected entities, such as the world’s most famous auction houses, private estates and elite private collections, including Christie’s, Julien’s of Beverly Hills and Prop Store.