'Marilyn Monroe - A Timeless Beauty' Auction

In the luminous tapestry of Hollywood history, few names shine as brightly as Marilyn Monroe. Her timeless beauty, playful spirit and incomparable grace before the camera, continue to captivate hearts and minds across the world.

From today, we are proud to present our ‘Marilyn Monroe - A Timeless Beauty Auction’, featuring a breath-taking selection of iconic works from celebrated artists like Cecil Beaton, Philippe Halsman, Milton Greene, George Barris, André de Dienes, Frank Powolny, Bruno Bernard and Eve Arnold.

Marilyn personally owned two beautiful portraits featured in our auction. They originate from ‘The Lost Archives of Marilyn Monroe’ - a remarkable collection of over 200 rare and personal items that were uncovered and brought to the public’s attention in 2014.

One image, LOT 1229, a portrait captured by renowned fashion photographer, Cecil Beaton, in 1956, at The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, was known to be Marilyn’s favourite photo of herself, which is why she treasured it in her personal collection.

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The Ambassador Hotel Photoshoot with Cecil Beaton revealed a more intimate side of Marilyn Monroe. In contrast to the public's perception of her as a bombshell, Beaton's lens captured moments of vulnerability and introspection, showcasing the multi-faceted nature of Monroe's persona.

Cecil Beaton's artistic direction during the photoshoot was marked by a meticulous attention to detail. His use of light and shadows, combined with the luxurious backdrop of the Ambassador Hotel, created a visual symphony that elevated each photograph to a work of art.

Known for his discerning eye and artistic flair, Cecil Beaton brought a unique perspective to glamour photography. His ability to blend sophistication with whimsy defined an era, making him the perfect choice to capture Monroe's timeless beauty during the Ambassador Hotel Photoshoot.

The second photograph personally owned by Marilyn (LOT 1231) is entitled ‘Angel’ by Frank Powolny.

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Frank Powolny (1901-1986) was the principal portrait and still photographer at 20th Century Fox and its predecessor from 1923 to 1966. He captured literally thousands of photos of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars - most of which regaled billboards, cinema lobbies, magazines and newspapers. He was the photographer who took the last known photographs of Marilyn on the set of her final unfinished movie, ‘Something’s Got to Give’. Powolny’s unforgettable publicity image of Marilyn for the movie, Niagara, was famously appropriated by artist Andy Warhol for his iconic 1960s silkscreens.

Other highlights include beautiful and evocative fashion portraits from Bert Stern’s ‘The Last Sitting’ (1962); a heart-breaking image of a tearful Marilyn captured by Bruno Bernard on the day she announced her divorce from baseball legend, Joe DiMaggio; a haunting and intimate portrait from Milton Greene’s ‘The Black Sitting’; an iconic image captured by Philippe Halsman for Marilyn’s ‘Life’ Magazine photoshoot in 1952; a selection of striking chromogenic prints from ‘The Last Shoot’ (1962) by George Barris and a series of stunning large-format vintage silver-gelatin photographs by André De Dienes.

Join us on a journey through time and explore the enchanting allure of ‘Marilyn Monroe - A Timeless Beauty’ - a unique auction of carefully curated treasures created by Kudos Memorabilia and hosted by Live Auctioneers.

Please don’t miss your chance to acquire two historic photographs personally owned by Marilyn Monroe!

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