Bruce Lee's Designer Sunglasses - An Expression of Personal Style

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    A pair of vintage designer sunglasses, which were originally owned and worn by martial arts superstar, Bruce Lee.

    Designer sunglasses are the most famous and recognisable component of Bruce Lee’s famous signature style. Despite his immense physical prowess, he suffered from notoriously bad eyesight and photosensitivity, so he regularly appears in sunglasses in famous archival photographs and film (particularly during the period from 1966 to 1973).

    Bruce gave the glasses as a gift to his younger brother, Robert Lee. Robert treasured the sunglasses for many years, particularly in the light of Bruce’s tragic and premature passing on 20th July, 1973. He never personally wore them and archived them in a secure box to maintain their condition.

    This timeless and treasured pair of vintage sunglasses remains in very good used condition and is a lasting testament to the enduring style of the most influential martial arts superstar of all time!

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    There are no reviews for this product.

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      Bruce Lee was a style icon in the early 1970s and was infuenced by his Hollywood students - particularly Steve McQueen and Jay Sebring - although he created his own signature style.

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