Halle Berry's "jinx" Prop Throwing Knife

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    A screen-used prop lightweight throwing-knife, employed by breathtaking American actress, Halle Berry, as Giacinta ‘Jinx’ Johnson in Die Another Day.

    Acquired directly from the production’s SFX Team, this knife is from Jinx’s famous utility belt, worn in conjunction with her leather combat outfit. Jinx uses the knives in her epic battle against Miranda Frost, played by English rose, Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl), during the life and death struggle on board Gustav Graves’ plummeting plane.

    Initially, Jinx appears to be outclassed by Frost’s much vaunted sword skills, but she skilfully evades her opponent, retrieves one of her throwing knives at a key moment and rams it into Miranda’s chest, killing her instantly.

    This lightweight composite throwing-knife is painted with reflective silver paint and is displayed in a custom-made display-case, along with a series of production photographs, showing Jinx with the throwing knives. Anti-glare glass protects the exhibit from sunlight and a removable lid allows easy access to the weapon at any time.

    There are no reviews for this product.

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    Additional Information

    • Product Data


      49.5cm X 7.5cm X 42cm

      (19 1/2” x 3” x 16 1/2”) 

      Cat. No: KM0467

    • More Information

      EON Productions, the company that produces the James Bond films, was once interested in developing a spin-off series with 'Jinx', Halle Berry's super-spy character in 'Die Another Day'. Many fans were disappointed when the concept was axed in development.

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