Tony Montana's Green Card -Scarface

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    Tony Montana’s U.S. Green Card from the Brian De Palma crime classic, Scarface, starring Al Pacino and written by Oliver Stone. The Green Card is one of the principal motifs of the film, as Montana’s sole objective in the first act is to obtain it and gain access to the United States, where he ultimately creates a multi-million-dollar drug empire.

    This prop has been meticulously manufactured to replicate the exact style layout and data requirements of an authentic Green Card from the period covered by the film. It bears a colour photo of Al Pacino in character as Montana and is an exact screen match for its filmic counterpart.

    The prop is presented in a museum-grade, acid-free ultra-violent filtering case and is magnetised for ease of access to the prop. The Scarface logo and artwork frame the display. The Green Card is in very good condition.

    There are no reviews for this product.

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    • Product Data


      (Card in Perspex) 

      9cm x 6cm. 

      (3½" x 2½")

      Cat. No: 


    • More Information

      Filming for 'Scarface' took place between November 1982 and May 1983 on locations in Los Angeles and Miami.

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