Bruce Lee Original Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute Membership Card (Pearl-styled Format)

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    A very collectable first-generation 'pearl-finished' Jun Fan Gung Fu membership card. This elegant double-sided ‘non-transferable’ card gave a student full membership privileges at one of Bruce Lee’s three pioneering Jun Fan Gung Fu schools based in Seattle, Oakland and Los Angeles.

    The front, or presentation, side of the card features a beautiful Yin-Yang symbol in classic red and gold with black Chinese characters running around its circumference. This iconic emblem is set against a 'pearl-finished' background and also includes Bruce Lee's classic instructional mantra, 'Using No Way As Way. Having No Limitation as Limitation'.

    The rear of the card features data fields for 'Address of Institute', 'Phone', 'Recommended By' and 'Remarks'. Additionally, there is a polite instruction to 'Please bring this card with you' running along the lower portion of the card. The data fields are presented in both English and Chinese.

    This historic double-sided membership card is a very sought-after item amongst collectors, as it evokes a very pivotal and exciting period in Bruce Lee’s developmental history. The 'pearl finished' card was the last iteration ever issued by Bruce Lee and is perhaps the rarest...

    This article comes with a certificate of authenticity and remains in good condition.

    There are no reviews for this product.

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      4 x 2.5" (10cm x 6.2cm)

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      The Jun Fan Gung Fu era was a key phase in Bruce Lee's developmental journey and would eventually lead to the creation of 'Jeet Kune Do'.

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