Bruce Lee's Vintage MacGregor Boxing Gloves

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    A pair of vintage MacGregor 9oz AAU specification boxing gloves, which were owned and used by Bruce Lee to further his pursuit of excellence in the martial arts.

    Bruce Lee was the first Chinese Gung Fu Master to practice real-world sparring using western boxing gloves and head guards. Bruce greatly admired elite boxers, such as Muhammad Ali, Jack Dempsey, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano. He would routinely spend hours at a time watching and analysing classic title matches to absorb the boxers’ execution of footwork and timing, which he would then incorporate into his own individual expression of the martial arts.

    This pair of vintage (‘Golden Gloves’ editioned) boxing gloves remains in good used condition, and the original laces are present and intact. The initials ‘B.L.’ in Bruce’s own handwriting also appear in the upper interior portion of each of the gloves.

    These historic boxing gloves were part of Bruce Lee’s personal arsenal of training aids and directly impacted his legendary journey to pre-eminence in the martial arts.

    There are no reviews for this product.

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      Even after all the advances in unarmed combat techniques, boxing is still one of the best and most useful disciplines a true mixed martial artist can learn...

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