Selene's Hero Costume - Kate Beckinsale

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    A complete Death Dealer costume worn by Kate Beckinsale in her leading role as werewolf assassin extraordinaire, Selene, in Underworld: Evolution - part three, chronologically, of Len Wiseman’s popular gothic horror franchise. 

    This is the signature costume worn throughout the film and appears in each of the epic battles between Selene and the Lycans.

    This highly-tailored skin-tight outfit consists of a black PVC coated Spandex zip-up bodysuit with two buckles on the collar, an ornate textured black faux leather corset with a lace-up back complimented with matching wrist guards and long leather buckled boots with laces. Completing the ensemble is a detachable magnetized plastic holster and prop stunt pistol.

    The corset is labelled “KB New SM Hero” and the boots are labelled “KBH2”. The outfit is displayed on a custom mannequin with an 'Underworld: Evolution' podium stand and measures 36cm x 50cm x 178.

    Intriguingly, although ‘Underworld: Evolution’ is third in the series from a chronological perspective, its narrative actually begins during the same night as the first movie’s final scene.

    There are no reviews for this product.

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      178 cm x 50cm 

      (70" x 19½")

      Cat. No: KM0435

    • More Information

      Stunning English actress, Kate Beckinsale (Pearl Harbor, Emma), embarked on an intensive and wide-ranging exercise and training regime for her physically demanding role as Selene. Boasting one of the most enviable physiques of any mainstream actress, Kate employed the services of famed celebrity trainer, Ramona Braganza, who also trains Halle Berry and Jessica Alba, to sculpt her body for the impossibly tight leather outfits, which are now synonymous with the Underworld franchise. Her demanding regime combined cardio and circuit training with yoga, boxing and martial arts.

      The Underworld franchise has millions of devoted fans around the world, and the pre-release event at San Diego’s Comic-Con caused a sensation back in July 2005, with legions of fans waiting hours to catch a glimpse of Kate and her co-stars. 

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