Bruce lee's Flying Warriors illustration - A Personal Expression of Classical Warriors

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    A rare and detailed hand-drawn illustration by martial arts legend, Bruce Lee.

    Bruce was a gifted artist and loved to draw martial arts related subjects and themes. This alluring illustration features four classical Kung Fu warriors in mid-fight, with each one brandishing their signature weapon. The drawing is beautifully articulated in Bruce Lee’s signature style and features his personal signature in the top left corner in green ink.

    Bruce gifted the drawing to his younger brother, Robert, between 1968 and 1970, a short time before he returned to Hong Kong to launch his ground-breaking career in motion pictures with Golden Harvest Studios.

    In the years before his death, Bruce had been developing a script entitled ‘Northern Leg, Southern Fist’, a project which would have been an incredible showcase for his extraordinary ability with classical Chinese weapons. Bruce also engaged in two historic photoshoots - one at Golden Harvest Studios and the other at Shaw Brother’s Studios - where he dressed as iconic characters or archetypes from Chinese history, literature and popular culture. He longed to star in, direct and produce a film in this much-loved sub-genre, and it is likely a project of this kind was on his mind, when he created this evocative illustration.

    Bruce Lee drawings with this level of detail are very rare indeed and are, therefore, highly prized by collectors. There is significant creasing and tanning along the right edge of the illustration and mild tanning and creasing along the left edge. The main body of the illustration and the signature, however, are both clear and vibrant. All things considered, this is a wonderful example of Bruce Lee’s personal artistic expression.

    There are no reviews for this product.

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      Bruce Lee was a true master with traditional Chinese and Japanese weapons. It is one of the great tragedies of his short but remarkable life that he was not able to star in a classical Kung Fu movie developed in the style of the Shaw Brothers classics but with his own unique style.

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