Bruce Lee's Signed and Illustrated Kodokan Judo Book

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    This remarkable copy of 'Judo – Basic Principles by Dominy', originally published by Sterling in 1958, was personally bought, studied, signed and illustrated by the late great Bruce Lee.

    During his lifetime, Bruce Lee had a large personal library of books on martial arts and philosophy, which he would study diligently to inform his thinking, whilst building the principles for his revolutionary hybrid martial arts system, Jeet Kune Do. Judo was an art that Bruce very much respected, and throughout his career he learned as much about its operating principles as he possibly could. This informative volume was one of his favourites and appeared on his bookshelf for many years.

    This book is very rare and distinct amongst Bruce’s volumes, as he has imprinted the volume with ‘Property of Bruce Lee’ in black ink. He has also embellished the book with a detailed hand-drawing of a preying mantis with the word “Mantis” underneath. Bruce has additionally signed “Kato” as a tribute to the character he was playing in The Green Hornet TV series at the time.

    This unique and historic volume is a must-have purchase for any serious collector of Bruce Lee memorabilia. The original book-jacket is missing from the volume ,but it remains in very good condition.

    There are no reviews for this product.

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      Bruce was photographed practising Judo in his personal judogi in a rarely seen photoshhot from his early years in the USA.

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