High Elven Costume and Shield

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    A highly sought-after screen-used ‘Elven Warrior’ costume from 'The Lord of the Rings Trilogy'. This striking ensemble was created by the artisans from the armory and wardrobe departments at Weta Workshop during the production of the trilogy. The stunt shield and Galadhrim helmet were created from the moulds of the original hero props and then expertly hand-painted and weathered. Textured with meticulous detail, the battle shield features the iconic Elven vine design on its antique-finished front-face. Verso is a metallic pole handgrip, which runs the length of the shield, and is slightly bent due to on-set stunt use during production.

    Elves are formidable warriors, who are in complete harmony with nature, and are amongst the most ancient and revered inhabitants in all of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. Elven armour reflects this ethos and enlightened sensibility and is decorated with ornate and beautiful motifs influenced by nature.

    The shield in this ensemble would have been used during the ‘Last Alliance Prologue’ sequence in ‘ The Fellowship of the Ring’. This style of helmet and cloak was worn exclusively by “Haldir’s Galadhrim’ warriors during the ‘Battle of Helm’s Deep’ in the epic climax of ‘The Two Towers’. The imposing and elegant Elven cloak with long hood was custom-made from New Zealand wool especially for the production and was stained with FX blood during filming.

    This outstanding assemblage of costume pieces comes mounted on a custom mannequin and textured display base embellished with ‘The Lord of the Rings’ logo and motif.

    There are no reviews for this product.

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      211cm x 76cm

      (83” x 30”)

      Cat. No: KM0459

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      The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was filmed in a series of stunning locations in New Zealand, including the Tongariro National Park, The Kapiti Coast, Nelson, Southland, The Fiordland National Park and the Southern Lakes.

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