High Elven Shield - The Lord of the Rings

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    This beautifully crafted shield was one of many prominently featured in the prologue of 'The Fellowship of The Ring', when The Last Alliance of Elves and Men meet 'Sauron' and his evil forces on the field of battle. 

    Leaf-shaped and decorated across its surface with flowing lines reflecting Elvish language, this shield of the 'Elves of The Second Age' also features a leather-wrapped hand-grip spanning the length of the shield for two-handed use. This iconic shield was created with a higher level of detailing than the background stunt shields utilised during filming, and it shows signs of wear and dirt from on-set filming. Measuring 20 x 55in, this prop shield was designed by John Howe and created by Stu Johnson, Darin Gordine and Sasha Lees under the art direction of Sir Richard Taylor at Weta Workshop during the production of The Lord of The Rings.

    This prop was part of a collection of authentic movie props procured by official New Line Cinema licensee, United Cutlery, directly from Weta Workshop for reference use in the production of a collectable replica version for the devoted fan-base. This shield features the Weta logo, reference number, date and notation of the recipient and project date engraved into its structure. Accompanied by a detailed Certificate of Authenticity from the licensee confirming the history of this prop and its use in creating United Cutlery's 'The Lord of The Rings' Weapons and Armour' line of reproductions, as well as a copy of the original Weta invoice. 

    There are no reviews for this product.

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      The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was filmed in a series of stunning locations in New Zealand, including the Tongariro National Park, The Kapiti Coast, Nelson, Southland, The Fiordland National Park and the Southern Lakes.

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