James Bond's Custom Walther PPK Holster - Goldeneye

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    James Bond's Walther PPK holster from Martin Campbell's iconic movie, GoldenEye (1995). This Galco holster features a moulded leather-pocket for the firearm and a leather-loop combined with an elasticated strap, which clips to the trouser band, to facilitate shoulder-mounting. This optimised design allowed actor, Pierce Brosnan, to draw his PPK quickly and efficiently during the filming of the production.

    Goldeneye is a landmark film in the James Bond franchise, returning the gentleman super-spy to cinema screens after an enforced six-year hiatus caused by long-running legal disputes. The movie and it’s new star, Pierce Brosnan, received rave reviews, and the film, deftly directed by Martin Campbell, grossed a total of $352,194,034 at the worldwide box-office. Audiences had spoken - James Bond was still as popular and compelling as he had always been. Goldeneye proved to be the golden ticket.

    The article is also accompanied by a certificate of authentication from Bapty, the official armourers for the production.

    There are no reviews for this product.

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      Goldeneye premiered at Radio City Music Hall, New York City, on November 13th, 1995. The UK Premiere, attended by Prince Charles, followed on November 22nd at London’s famous Odeon cinema on Leicester Square. After such a long time out of the public eye, many industry insiders wondered if a spy genre born out of the Cold War still had cultural relevance... 

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