Bruce Lee's Historic Jeet Kune Do Ying-Yang Lapel Pin

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    This historic JKD lapel pin, crafted in silver metal, features a classic Ying-Yang symbol in yellow and red. The symbol is bounded by an inscription, in Chinese characters, running around the circumference of the front face. It reads, "Using no way as way," and "Having no limitation as limitation"; thus expressing the core philosophy behind Bruce Lee’s groundbreaking martial arts ideology.  The pin comes together with its original paper carriage bag, which is overprinted with the details of the Lee Lim Ming Metal Works Company in Hong Kong – an official manufacturer of the pins.

    Bruce only ever issued this prestigious lapel pin to senior students and instructors, whom he felt had sufficiently grasped the foundational principles of Jeet Kune Do and were able to successfully incorporate them into their own individual expression of the martial arts.

    Jeet Kune Do, Bruce’s revolutionary martial arts philosophy, is an eclectic art that incorporates the best of the world’s unarmed fighting techniques into a fluid, dynamic, partially autodidactic combat system, which enhances the inherent strengths of any given martial artist. Bruce taught students of Jeet Kune Do adaptations of classical techniques, so they could ‘absorb what is useful’ and then apply the knowledge to their own execution of the martial arts. This philosophy was truly groundbreaking, foreshadowing the genesis of M.M.A. Consequently, the concepts, which this lapel pin depicts, are some of the most important and iconic in the entire history of the martial arts.

    There are no reviews for this product.

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