Bruce Lee Exhibition Print - Fist of Fury

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    A stunning black and white exhibition print showcasing Bruce Lee's incredible physique from the publicity shoot for 'Fist of Fury'.

    This timeless and indelible image has been printed on premium Kodak stock.

    This stunning print was specially created for exhibition purposes. It is framed in matt-black wood and protected by Nielsen Bainbridge's True Colour glass - a special presentation grade that virtually eliminates all reflections of visible light making glass appear invisible. 

    Fist of Fury was the movie in which Bruce Lee refined the iconic signature style that would define the motion picture phase of his celebrated career.

    This beautiful article would make a wonderful addition to the portfolio of any discerning collector of Bruce Lee memorabilia.

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    There are no reviews for this product.

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      Frame: 18.5 H x 14.5 W x 1.125 D inches (47 x 37 x 3 cm)

      Photo: 12 H x 8.5 W inches (22 x 30 cm) approx

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      Nora Miao remembers her time working with martial arts icon, Bruce Lee:

      "We faked fights with different camera angles and positions, when we shot the old WuXia films.  On the other hand, for (Bruce lLee) a man who truly practiced Kung Fu, I think everyone knows that he would not know how to fake fights.  When he kicked you, it was a real kick; so it was always a real fight! Those who played Bruce’s rivals, they seemed worried.... The rival characters might shiver with fear, as he yelled during fights."

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