The Sword of Eowyn - Miranda Otto

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    A magnificent sword used by Miranda Otto in her role as ‘Eowyn’ in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (New Line Cinema, 2001-2003).

    Eowyn was a shield maiden of Rohan: trained in combat from an early age and considered to be equal in skill to many of her male counterparts. This, her signature weapon, is a majestic sword featuring a beautiful and ornate black and “gold” hilt and a “gold” pommel. It is a hero weapon and therefore appeared in numerous close-ups.

    This lightweight version of her sword measures 36cm long and its blade is constructed from aluminium, so actress Miranda Otto could safely and easily use the sword during combat sequences. It was designed by Warren Mahy and created by Shaun Bolton and Master Swordsmith, Peter Lyon, under the direction of Sir Richard Taylor during the film’s production.

    The sword exhibits a number of nicks along the edges of the blade from production combat sequences, but it is otherwise in very good screen-used condition. Theatrical Orc blood remnants are also present!

    This sword was one of eight main character props given away as grand prizes in the ‘Win the World of Aragon Sweepstakes’ cross-promotion, organised by Hasbro Toys and New Line Cinema, to promote the release of 'The Return of the King' in December 2003. It comes in its original museum-quality lockable acrylic display case, complete with a New Line Certificate of Authenticity. It has been signed and dated by producer Barrie Osborne; thus confirming the sword’s on-screen use during the filming of the trilogy.

    There are no reviews for this product.

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      (Display Case)

      99cm x 11cm x 20.5cm

      (39" x 4 1/4" x 8 1/8")

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      'The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring' received thirteen nominations at the 74th Academy Awards, including a nomination for 'Best Picture'. It would go on to win four Oscars for 'Best Cinematography', 'Best Make-Up', 'Best Original Score' and 'Best Visual Effects'.

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